Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Metallica Cancel Interview Over Illegally Downloaded Album Review

Metallica cancelled an interview with a Swedish publication after one of their journalist's admitted to illegally downloading the band's new album.

In a review of 'Death Magnetic', which is currently number one in the UK, Jonn Jeppsson confessed to downloading a different version of the record – and said he preferred it to the official one.

It's understood that the songs had been edited by a Metallica fan, who then uploaded them onto the internet.

Gigwise has the full article.

Perhaps Metallica should suck less then fans may not feel the urge to edit their work.

Good on the fan for editing a better sounding copy and big ups to the journo for telling them he preferred the edited copy.

I think Metallica should learn something from all this rather than getting their panties in a bunch as they have.

They could do with getting someone other than themselves to do their post production work as they are clearly rather average at it.

Is their problem really the fact that it was a download, or that a fan has highlighted the fact that their editing skills suck ass?


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