Tuesday, October 14, 2008

West coast trial of 'angel rings' aims to save lives

Lifebuoys will be installed at some popular fishing spots along Auckland's notorious west coast this summer in a trial to see if they prove as successful as in Australia.

The Auckland Regional Council has agreed to try out the flotation devices, known as "angel rings", after research proved they reduced drownings in New South Wales.

Project leader Stu Leighton said that since they were introduced there in 2004 at least 24 lives had been saved.

He said the longer someone stayed afloat the greater was their chance of survival, and the bright orange rings helped rescuers spot those in trouble.

The eight sites where the rings are to be tried out over the next two years are still to be confirmed - surf lifesavers are being consulted - but places like Flat Rock at Muriwai are among the likely contenders.

NZ Herald has the full article.

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