Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Join the Internet Blackout - Protest Against Guilt Upon Accusation Laws in NZ

As the natural world meets the digital opportunities are opening up for artists to connect with new audiences across the world. However, with the digitisation of media the lines between use and copy have become blurred.

Laws regulating the act of copying have failed to keep pace with technology and soon ISPs will be forced to take down internet connections and websites of anyone accused (not convicted) of copyright infringement.

Copyright law is now having the effect of limiting artists, restricting businesses, and harming public rights.

The Creative Freedom Foundation speaks for artists concerned at this trend and through Our Goals we seek to bring Copyright Law into the 21st Century.

Blackout against Guilt Upson Accusation Laws.

Check out this site as it gives you instructions on how to black out Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and others.


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