Friday, June 12, 2009

Council Sells Rubbish on TradeMe

The Waitakere City Council is charging residents a fee to collect inorganic rubbish - then selling it on an auction website.

The council started its "user pays" system in February. Residents must now pay $11.25 for an inorganic pickup instead of being able to leave rubbish on the kerb for free collection.

And after a quick spruce-up, some of their junk is listed on Trade Me.

Lawnmowers, barbecues, bikes and furniture have been sold after being cleaned and, in some cases, restored.

NZ Herald has the full article.

This is such a brilliant idea. There is a store called The Seagull Centre in Thames which does the same sort of thing.

Used goods are definitely the smart way to shop a lot of the time.


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