Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Traffic Bar & Kitchen Presents

Thurs 20th Aug

The Big Gig

This Thursday's Big Gig welcomes Rob Lawton to the stage. Rob is from Wellington and will be playing some sweet, krazy acoustic rock.

Check out his cover of bloc party.

We will be kicking it off earlier this week from 6.30pm.

Franko will host the evening as usual and finish off with a set of his own later on in the night.

Happiest Hour from 12-7pm
$20 Jugs, $25 Wine.

Fri 21st Aug

The all new Free Sex

Auckland's hottest covers duo fraturing Franko (Airspace) and Matt Vankan (the Crescendo Mafia).

Spoon fed live every Friday 6 - 9pm

The Mop Up

DJ Nigel Love cleaning it up on the decks with all the desired Friday tunes.

Happiest Hour from 12-7pm
2 4 1 Cocktails for the ladies until 8pm

2 Queen Street


Auckland CBD



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