Sunday, November 15, 2009

Billboard Ad Riles Church

NZHERALD - A billboard suggesting a priest could job-share with a man wearing a fetish mask has been labelled a "mockery of the Christian faith" by the Catholic Church.

But the people who put it up have no intention of taking it down.

The billboard on Auckland's Mt Wellington Rd is an advertisement for - a site that invites Kiwis to "tell the nation what you think about literally anything".

It shows a Venn diagram under the heading "job sharing?" The diagram is made up of two ovals, one representing a clergyman and the other a man in a leather face mask. The ovals overlap, insinuating that the two could job-share.

Readers offended by the billboard contacted the Herald on Sunday.

"I'm not religious or anything, but my girlfriend's dad is a priest and I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear a gimp outfit," said one.

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NZMistress said...

Bet he does hehe.