Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Steampunk Mandalas, by Annie Lammas

Steampunk Mandalas
By Annie Lammas

Annie’s creative abilities were evident at a very you age.

Over the years she developed a passion for multi media and has worked in radio from the age of 14.

Annie is the Owner and Managing Directrix of Twisted Radio.

She writes posts about art and unusual things of interest to her blog - You can also tune into Twisted Radio via the blog.

She has been involved in theatre at school and with her brother’s production troupe.

Annie’s series “Steampunk Mandalas” began one evening when the need to find an outlet and activity to create a Zen head space met with a love of colouring in, steampunk.

Thames School of Mines
101 Cochrane St

21st November - 7th December 2014
Thames Arts Festival 2014