Sunday, May 31, 2015

Massive, Men Against Sexual Violence

There are many things that adversely affect our children and youth today. However there is one thing that affects our youth and community that is frequently avoided because people find it too difficult to have the conversation. 

Yet this one thing is extensively advertised and accepted by society because of the constant conditioning messages through people and media. This one thing has such an adverse effect that if it were a disease we would be fighting hard to stop its treacherous onslaught. 

This one thing affects 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 8 boys before the age of 16! 

The financial cost of this one thing on the New Zealand economy alone runs into the billions of dollars.

This one thing is Sexual Violence.

We have felt the disturbing effects of sexual violence on people and society for many generations and know the psychological effect of sexual violence on the developing mind. 

This hikoi is about raising awareness of the impact of sexual violence; demystifying the sensitivity, and sharing what people can do right now to turn the tide on sexual violence. It is so much harder to recover from sexual violence, than it is to prevent it. 

We are particularly encouraging young people to be the generation to speak out against sexual violence and to speak out to promote healthy and respectful relationships. 

So let’s have the conversation and speak out about how we can prevent sexual violence and pave the way for future generations. 

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