Thursday, July 07, 2016

Anxiety Alley, Musings of a 24 Year Old Anxiety Sufferer

Anxiety Alley, Musings of a 24 Year Old Anxiety Sufferer.

James Harrison is a 24 year old who has General Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety and is now embarking on a personal growth journey to understand himself, his diagnoses, and discover his place in the world.

James had an extremely complicated relationship with his parents and three siblings growing up, and as a result his biological family are not part of his life. These complicated relationships caused him to feel isolated and as though he didn’t fit in, which lead him to question his place in the world. Over the years James has battled his way through a number of other difficult life events that reinforced and compounded his sense of not belonging. James feels frightened of being alone and this makes him doubt himself and causes him to change who he is to please others.

James wants his future to be a one where he has mastered his anxiety, and is confident and comfortable with who he is as a person. His dreams and hopes include in his twenties, to achieve happiness and satisfaction in his life, he also hope to purchase his first home. James would really like to find someone to settle down with. In his thirties he hopes to achieve satisfaction in a career that will be a long time job. In his forties he hopes to have success in his personal life which would involve adopting children to have a beautiful family of his own, and being married.

James is bravely opening up the recesses of his heart to offer some insight as to what it is like navigating life with anxiety. His frank and genuine posts are poignant and compelling. Join James in his odyssey into the world of anxiety and personal evolution via this blog. 

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