Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bodies of Strange Creatures Found in a London Basement - The Truth Behind The Viral Story.

The original article published on Designyoutrust stated that "in 1960 in London at the time of clearing the site for construction of a new residential neighborhood, the old long-abandoned mansion belonged to Thomas Theodore Merlin was sent for demolition". 

It went on to say "in the basement of the home, builders have discovered several thousand small wooden boxes tightly sealed. Imagine their surprise when they began to find the bodies of strange mythical creatures, which seemed to have been living only in fairy tales".

A bit of digging uncovered that while these fantastical creatures are awesome, they are in fact "a fictional invention of Alex CF, a London-based illustrator, writer, and sculptor with a fantastically warped imagination and a talent for the obscure. And now you can add ‘marketing specialist’ to the list, as this ‘true facts’ approach worked wonderfully promoting his Merrylin Cryptid Museum". Source: DeMilked.

They may not be as originally reported, but are well worth having a look it.

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